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"graphic identities?"

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• concept creation

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Do you feel lost when it comes to the visual DNA
of your brand? Are you in search of a professional 
and "hell yeah" branding? Do you want to be seen? Steuper will rock your brand!
  • Does Steuper design only a logo?
    Nope, we believe that only a logo doesn't stand out. It's the whole branding package that gives your brand the right story and vibe to stand out from the crowd.
  • Do you design birth and wedding stationery?
    Not anymore. We would like to focus on total concepts. Do you however want a complete branding to announce the birth of your baby? Shoot!
  • Does Steuper accept assignments from abroad?
    Sure we do, we are based in Belgium but available all over the world. We can meet over Teams and find print suppliers in your neighbourhood. Some of our print suppliers ship worldwide.
  • I have a tight deadline, are you willing to help me out?
    If we can, we will! It comes however with a price, we apply an additional charge of 30% for quick assignments. Remember that our expertise takes time, consider 6 up to 8 weeks from start to first pitch as normal.
  • You need to design me something small and simple, how much will it cost?
    We focus on total concepts, for small assignments we will charge a startup fee from €150 (no taxes applicable).
  • Do you deliver the original digital files from your designs?
    Nope, the only digital files you will receive are the outlined vector files just in case you need them for using your project on bigger formats. Mostly you will receive PDF or png format.
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